Every year, about 680,000 patients are treated at the HUS Helsinki University Hospital. HUS employs nearly 27,000 professionals to serve all patients’ best interests. We are responsible for specialist medical care for the residents of 24 member municipalities. In addition, we provide nationally centralized care for many rare and severe diseases. HUS Helsinki University Hospital is the biggest health care provider and the second-largest employer in Finland. Our expertise is internationally recognized and accredited. As a university hospital, we constantly study and develop our treatment methods and activities.

HUS Group (the Joint Authority for Helsinki and Uusimaa) puts out to tender the procurement of care and general medical supplies, medical devices, equipment and services for the entire HUS and its other customers.

Through this service, HUS Group notifies of ongoing invitations to tender exceeding the national threshold, and tenderers are able to submit their tenders electronically. Valid requests for tenders can be viewed without user identifications in the Requests for Tenders section. Without user identification, you can see the name of the request for tender, the description of the request for tender, and the deadline for the tender.

When you register as a user of the service, you will be able to download the request for tender and the associated documents to your own computer, ask questions regarding the request for tender, read the responses to the questions, and submit the tender electronically. Registration is free of charge and you will obtain a username immediately upon registration.

If you would like more information about using the service or need technical assistance with using the service, please make a contact via the link at this page: "See the help and tips on the Support Portal".


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