HUS 335-2024 / K231450012 PGT- Laser

Deadline: 09/08/2024 12:00 (UTC+03:00)
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HUS 335-2024 / K231450012 PGT- Laser
Type of contract notice
Advanced RFQ
10/07/2024 12:53 (UTC+03:00)
Deadline for submitting questions
10/07/2024 14:00 (UTC+03:00)
Deadline for tenders
09/08/2024 12:00 (UTC+03:00)
The laser is needed for embryo biopsy and assisted hatching. The laser system should consist of a laser, a camera and a computer. The system will also be used for imaging of embryos (both photos and videos). The laser system will be attached to a Nikon Eclipse Ti2 (L1128904) microscope. The computer should be connected to the HUS network, but at this point not to Apotti