516496 / Image analysis software: Tissue samples

Deadline: 04/07/2024 13:00 (UTC+03:00)
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516496 / Image analysis software: Tissue samples
Type of contract notice
National procurement notification
11/06/2024 16:35 (UTC+03:00)
Deadline for submitting questions
24/06/2024 13:00 (UTC+03:00)
Deadline for tenders
04/07/2024 13:00 (UTC+03:00)
Turun Yliopisto
University of Turku is purchasing an image analysis software dedicated to deep learning based analysis of scanned whole slide images of tissue sections. The purchase is part of the FinGMice infrastructure development aiming to provide modern and up-to-date high-throughput quantitative tissue phenotyping research and services, and to make the quantitative digital histopathological analysis easily accessible for the biomedical research community. Compatibility with software tools used in the other FinnGMice Units (Universities of Helsinki, Eastern Finland and Oulu) is instrumental in facilitating unparallel networking and distribution of various quantitation and segmentation algorithms and machine learning-based tools for identification of structural and pathological features in tissue samples.
The background of the purchase
The purchase of AI-based image analysis software is funded by the Research Council of Finland. Therefore there is a budget for the purchase. The essence of the funded research is cooperation between three other universities (Universities of Helsinki, Eastern Finland and Oulu), which requires sharing image analysis algorithms developed by researchers in any of the partner universities with other partners. Because of this, the University of Turku needs also research tools (analysis software), which enables operations in line with the funding. The other universities involved in the collaboration already own and thus use the existing analysis program (Visiopharm) in their research. This acquisition should therefore enable, as far as possible, real cooperation opportunities for the University of Turku to participate in research and analysis, taking into account the existing resources of other collaborators.
The offered software must fulfill all mandatory requirement, specified in an Appendix 1 Mandatory requirements.