GTK/849/02.03.01/2022 / Chemical analysis and related services

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GTK/849/02.03.01/2022 / Chemical analysis and related services
Type of contract notice
EU contract notice
19/01/2023 09:30 (UTC+02:00)
Deadline for submitting questions
07/02/2023 16:00 (UTC+02:00)
The deadline for tenders
28/02/2023 16:00 (UTC+02:00)
Geologian tutkimuskeskus
Tenders are requested for chemical analysis and related services for environmental and water surveys. These services constitute
a remarkable part of GTK’s survey activities. GTK will enter into cooperation agreements on the grounds of this purchasing
GTK has divided the needed services into two (2) different categories and one
tenderer will be chosen separately in each category for the contract period.
Categories are:
Category A: Mineral soil, peat and sediment surveys
Category B: Water surveys
The contract period is two (2) years.
The contract period begins when the contract has been duly signed and is valid until all duties under the contract has been
GTK reserves the right to extend the contract with two (2) optional one-year periods after the expiration of the original first
contract period. In case of extension of the contract GTK will notify 6 months prior the expiration of the contract.
All other information will be provided in this request for tenders and its attachments.